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Great British Spring Clean

Back for its ninth year, the Great British Spring Clean is the nation’s biggest mass-action environmental campaign. 

The Great British Spring Clean and Great Big School Clean 2024 will take place from 15 - 31 March, and you can pledge to pick up a bag of litter – or more.

Pledging to take part couldn’t be easier, simply pledge as an individual, a group or a school and let us know how many bags you pledge to pick up.  

Last year, an army of amazing #LitterHeroes pledged to pick more than 400,000 bags of litter.

This year the word is spreading that the environment belongs to everyone!

Many volunteers regularly find ‘retro rubbish’ that was dropped many years ago but is still causing harm to our environment today, releasing greenhouse gases as it slowly breaks down in our soil and water, which contributes to the climate crisis.

The good news is that litter-picking is a simple action that anyone can do. It makes an immediate and visible difference to the environment where we live, work and play.  In fact around 95% of people surveyed after the 2023 campaign agreed they felt they had made a difference to their local area, and 91% said they felt part of a national movement that is taking action to tackle litter.

So, if you want to protect our wildlife and the places you love this spring, join the Great British Spring Clean and pledge to pick up a bag – or more.

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